Welsh Discrimination.

Because making a red cross is so hard

Angry footy fan failed to score a free England flag


Spot the home-made sign

I don't know the background to this story. And, in line with the hard-hitting journalistic integrity of this blog, I don't care. But I very much enjoy the fact there is a cheese sandwich in that handbag. Once the hubbub has died down, and that nice young man from the paper has gone away, Doris will be all over it.

Angry voters demand Whitmer investigation


Old blokes sit around, discuss bills. Earth revolves.

Just out of shot are two identikit caravans, dark blue Volvo estates, and wives who have cried themselves to sleep every night for the last twelve years.

Angry homeowner pays more council tax than neighbour despite living in identical house.


World Cup Special!!! Free Vuvuzela

Unless you are Scottish, you can't have failed to have noticed the World Cup is on. And even then, one or two of them have stolen a neighbours signal to catch up on the news.

And if you know of the World Cup, you know of the vuvuzela. which is dividing fans across the globe. Ironically, it is perhaps the Scots who would be best placed to appreciate the tuneless droning of a wind instrument.



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