Whatever Happened To Old Cartoon Characters #1

The first in what's likely to be a very, very infrequent series.

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

In north west London protesting against the building of a temporary school.

Brent & Kilburn Times | Temporary School Approved in Roe Green Village


Another Wind Turbine, More Angry Locals

For a picture containing what are supposed to be angry residents, the emotions on the adults appear to range from 'slightly miffed' right down to 'full on bored'.  Fortunately for them though the little girl is exuding enough angriness to make up the shortfall of it from her peers.

You do wonder what she's most angry about though. Is it the thought of the impact on her quality of life that the turbine would have and the blight it would have on an area known for its picturesque scenery? Or is that her parents have chosen to dress her up as Bet Lynch circa an early 80's episode of Coronation Street?

Pendle Today | Residents Angry At Wind Turbine Proposal


Flying Bin Lid Induces Grumpiness

So, it's windy. You're walking the dog. And a bin lid hits you square in the face.

“I went to the local council office because I wondered whether I might be able to get some compensation but they told me it was an act of God.”


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