Hurry Up And Invent The Spell Checking Paint Brush

Cal State Northridge students protesting budget cuts leading to enrollment cuts.
I think it's fairly safe to say the banner tells the powers-that-be that education definitely can't afford more cutbacks.  Even if it's not in the way the writers may have originally intended.

LA Progressive | Don't Get Angry, Get Even


A Couple Of Corks Short Of A Stereotype

Apparently the people in the photo are angry about the state of the road and not the 'little left to the imagination' nature of the shorts on the chap on the right, who you'll be amazed to learn isn't called Bruce.

The Gympie Times | Brooloo Folk Want Road To Use


Pen Inspired Grumpiness. Yes, Pen!

Dave Crampton is furious after his son Joel, 9, was given a Hell Pizza pen in the shape of a syringe...

But not as furious as he is when people come up to him and ask what it's like working with Ricky Gervais.

The Dominion Post | Pizza Chain Denies Copying Stunt


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