McDonald's Happy Meal 'came with cigarette'

A young mother was horrified when she found a cigarette inside a McDonald’s Happy Meal she bought for her son.

Now, if I'm honest, the baby looks more horrified than mum does. It's possible the child has just realised that a torrent of free Happy Meals lies ahead of him.

Yet again, Steve Mann comes up trumps. C'mon people, sort it out!


'Princess' banned from Disneyland over dress

Excited mother Natasha Narula thought it would be fun to dress like a princess to take her daughter to Disneyland Paris.

Can you guess what happened next?

grumpy princess
Dressing up in fancy dress is such a hoot. Guarantees a right good time AND loads of people can see how wacky you are. Double whammy.

For the second day running, thanks go to Steve for the find. It's beginning to look like he might be the only one out there that cares. That can't be right, surely?


Man banned for drink-driving in 'Barbie' pink electronic Jeep

A 40-year-old man who admitted driving a modified pink toy car dubbed a 'Barbie Jeep' on a road while over the drink-drive limit is starting a three-year ban, police said today.

drunk barbie car
There's nothing funny about drink driving. All right-thinking people know this. However, to be done for it in a child's car, and then to have your grumpy face emblazoned across the newspapers is, perhaps, a little bit of light relief.

Huge thanks to Steve Mann for the spot.


Truck demonstration costs $3m


Clean air for kids? Sounds like a great swap to me!

And with birth control these days seeming particularly lax, there's a near inexhaustable supply of them too.


Ashfield BNP election candidate has blood covered effigy sent to him

Election fever hits Angels With Grumpy Faces today, as we start a series (this is likely to prove untrue under historical examination) of posts highlighting the fact that politics isn't all fun and games. There is some very serious business discussed over expense lunches and civic do's.

*editorial comment*

This man is not an angel. He is an arse, and I find his political views abhorrent.

Now that's cleared up, hahahahaha.

pic of a grumpy BNP candidate
A Grumpy BNP Candidate





Farmer's anger over private land sale

Farmer Tony Corwoord, 76, is angry with the way Warrington Borough Council has sold land privately, instead of offering it at auction.
pic of grumpy farmer

Mr Corwood would appear to be letting out a cheeky Tommy Squeaker here, all under the gaze of the media spotlight


There's a big stink in Penrith

'Disgusting ... Rebecca Morgan and twin daughters Isabella and Scarlett, 1, at home in Erskine Park'

Is it the state of the bins following Penrith Council's decision to move to fortnightly refuse collections that the caption writer finds disgusting or Mrs Morgan and family? If it's the latter it seems incredibly harsh.

But then again she does appear ready to put one of the twins in the black wheelie bin...


...when, as we all know, they should be put in the green one instead along with the other biodegradable matter.


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