Digital Switchover Grumping

The digital switchover has gripped the nation for many months now. And for one couple in Essex, it has brought unexpected, um, perks.

Coronation Street

No Corrie for us...but we do get adult channels!

NIGHTS in front of the TV are no longer the same for one Wix couple.

David and Dee Coe have lost out on Coronation Street and have picked up
adult and shopping channels after retuning their TV for the digital
switchover on Wednesday.

Previously, they received terrestrial channels one to five. Now they
only get BBC.

Mrs Coe, 68, of Harwich Road, said: “It’s not just the shopping
channels. We suddenly have all these adult channels, which are

“We don’t want them. I’m missing Coronation Street and Loose Women and
want them back.

“All I can say is it’s good we don’t have children.’’ They sought help
from Digital UK, the company leading the switchover.

The couple say they were shocked to find they could wait a year until
the area receives a signal boost, and even that might not solve the

Mrs Coe said: “We phoned first thing on Thursday, only to be told
because we are getting the signal from Sudbury it isn’t strong enough
for this area.

“We could have to wait up to a year before we could get back ITV and
see the other channels.

“They told us an alternative would be to buy more equipment.

“But I don’t see why we should have to.

“We are pensioners and the television is all we have to look forward to.

“It’s incredibly disappointing.”

A Digital UK spokesman said the couple were suffering from variable

He said he would pass on the concerns to the broadcasting team. He
said: “It might be Freeview is not the best option for them.

“I would recommend they look at alternative digital services, such as

No Corrie for us...but we do get adult channels! (From Essex County


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